We've been helping our customers to succeed since 1981

If you value personal service, professionalism, stability, and continuity, you have found the right accounting firm. Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila Oy understands the challenges of small businesses in a changing world situation and offers customer-based personal service as well as modern solutions for electronic financial management. Our accounting firm’s offices are located in Espoo and Pusula – we serve our customers all over Finland.

So, get in touch when you need a competent partner for accounting.

Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila


We offer accounting services to companies in the metropolitan area without industry restrictions. From us, you will receive personal service and answers to your questions.
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Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila

Payroll Administration

Our payroll administration professionals handle payroll calculations reliably and on time. We also take care of the necessary payroll data and separate employer notifications to the income register, from where the information goes to the tax authorities and insurance companies.
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Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila

Electronic Financial Management

Electronic financial management is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to focus on their own work and minimize the time spent on managing the company’s administration and paperwork.
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Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila

Service-oriented Accounting Firm

Are you in search of a service-oriented accounting firm?

It’s not insignificant who handles your company’s financial matters – so it’s worth choosing the right accounting firm as a partner. We understand the challenges of entrepreneurs and want to offer our customers as stable and secure a financial management package as possible.

Our accounting firm’s offices are in Espoo and Pusula, and we serve your needs throughout Finland with high professionalism.

Comprehensive Accounting Firm and Financial Management Partner

Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila Oy is a comprehensive financial management partner that takes care of your affairs reliably today and in the coming years. We have been in the industry since 1981 and have helped our clients succeed for four decades – join the pool of our satisfied customers and contact us!

Choose Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila Oy, which serves extensively in Espoo, Helsinki, Uusimaa, and all over Finland. We help our clients extensively throughout Finland.

Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila

How the process with us proceeds


If possible, check in advance the average number of your company’s vouchers (sales invoices, purchase invoices, receipts, travel invoices and expense bills) per month, as well as the number of payslips every month. These details will significantly facilitate the provision of a quote and the consideration of a suitable software solution.


Contact us and provide your company’s basic information, VAT reporting period, fiscal year, and the services you are interested in, in addition to the above-mentioned information. This way, we can offer the service that best suits your needs.


If you are just starting a business and have not yet established a company, contact us directly and we will go through the necessary steps together, considering what needs to be taken into account. Mention this in your contact.


If we agree to start a partnership, we will make a written service agreement and start our joint journey towards smooth financial administration.


Starting a customer relationship involves many obligations from contracts to granting necessary authorizations and customer identification. We have modern tools for these, so all stages can be easily handled electronically from your own computer.

Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila

Our goal is to simplify everyday life and business development

Monthly bookkeeping helps the company in everyday life and business planning. Our guiding principle is that the customer can focus on their core business and can trust that financial management is handled stably and reliably.

We help our customers extensively all over Finland. However, our core operational area is the capital region and its nearby municipalities, such as Lohja, Vihti, Karkkila, and Somero.

Contact us

010 422 8160

Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Payroll administration
010 422 8169

Real Estate Management
010 422 8165


Pohjantie 2C 78
02100 ESPOO
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Rantatie 20
03850 Pusula
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