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Payroll Administration for Micro and Small Businesses

Timely and correctly calculated salaries are necessary for many micro and small businesses and are crucial for the satisfaction of their staff. Our knowledgeable payroll team responds to these challenges and alleviates the stress of the entrepreneur as payday approaches.

Our payroll team expertly calculates hourly and monthly wages, salary additions, holiday pay, entrepreneur’s salaries and fees. The payment of tax-free travel expense reimbursements is also effortlessly handled as part of payroll calculation. The customer’s task is to ensure that the payroll material is delivered to the accounting office no later than the agreed time.

We offer payroll administration services as an additional service to our financial administration customers, so we do not offer payroll administration services alone.

Expert payroll team as part of my company’s financial administration

From our payroll professionals, even a startup or a company hiring its first employee can get advice on drafting employment contracts, statutory insurances, and payroll calculation processes. You certainly don’t need to know or figure out everything by yourself. We also provide advice or find answers to our customers’ questions about interpreting collective agreements and other payroll-related issues that our customers encounter in their daily lives.

Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila

Task list for an entrepreneur paying salary to himself


Make sure your tax card is up to date and, if necessary, update it in MyTax.


Get yourself a YEL insurance from a pension insurance company. Note that your pension accumulation and social security are based on your YEL income.


Submit your tax card, salary information, and details of any possible fringe benefits (phone benefit, car benefit, etc.) to the payroll team at the accounting firm.

Task list for a starting employer before the first payrolls


Ask your employees for their tax cards.


Make statutory insurance contracts:

  • TyEL (pension) insurance from a pension insurance company
  • Accident and group life insurance from an insurance company

Provide the following information to the payroll team of the accounting firm:

  • Employment contracts (or contract details), salary information, payday, and tax cards.
  • TyEL insurance information (Insurance company, contract number)
  • Details of the accident insurance (Insurance company, insurance company’s business ID, contract number)

Check with the representative of the accounting firm to ensure that the Suomi.fi authorizations for sending payroll information are in order.

Are you starting to pay salaries and need support for it?

Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila Oy uses modern electronic financial management tools for payroll management, which enables efficient payroll calculation. Our primary program for payroll management is also Finago Procountor, from which payroll accounting integrates seamlessly into the general ledger, eliminating the need to transfer data between different programs.

The electronic software with its shared use options also offers many different options for work distribution between the client and the accounting firm. The client can leave all payroll processes from calculating salaries to their payment and sending income register notifications and payment of them to the accounting firm, or take care of the review and payment of salaries by themselves.

Let’s get your company’s payroll in order – Contact us!

Contact us, and we will go through together what your company needs to consider in payroll management to ensure that your company’s payroll process runs reliably and effortlessly.

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