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Financial administration in Helsinki, Espoo and the metropolitan area

Managing the company’s financial administration is the most demanding part of business for many entrepreneurs. We strive to provide service that genuinely gives our customers added value and helps them to thrive in their separate business sectors.

Letting us take care of your accounting, payroll administration, notifications to authorities, tax payments and follow-up of your economic situation enables you to concentrate on your core skills, that is, on activities that are productive for your business. Not to mention the stress you can simultaneously forget.

Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila provides a comprehensive array of financial administration services for small companies. Our main field of operations is the Helsinki and Espoo metropolitan area.

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Financial accounting is statutory in Finland, i.e. all companies and organizations have to prepare their accounts according to the statements in the law. Nevertheless, we want to do even more; we produce and deliver also relevant and accurate financial information that our customers can rely on when making their financial decisions.


Our accounting service is complete with i.e. the following services:

  • Monthly accounting and self-assessed tax returns
  • Monthly accounting reports
  • Financial statement and tax returns
  • Consolidated financial statement

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Payroll administration

Payroll administration demands knowledge of legislation updates and collective labor agreements. As our payroll customer you receive expert service of our professional accountants with a degree in payroll administration. You can rely on that your company’s payroll payments are accurate and on-time.

By outsourcing your payroll administration, you draw back on your administrative routines and have more time for more profitable ventures.

Our payroll administration is complete with the following services:

  • Calculating and payment of salaries
  • Calculating vacation-time salaries
  • Notifications to authorities
  • Reports to the Incomes Register
  • Payroll reports

Electronic financial administration

Electronic financial administration saves entrepreneur’s time by streamlining administrative routines and making financial administration more effective. We are experts on electronic financial administration and have provided this service for our customers already for several years. Our primary system for electronic financial administration is Procountor by Finago. We do nevertheless not rely on merely one system and can carry out electronic financial administration even with other software in accordance to the customers’ requests.

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Electronic financial administration has the following advantages:

  • Compiling sales invoices, purchase payments and follow-up of the company’s financial situation as well as analysis of reports in a single, secure cloud service.
  • The company has all its financial information stored in a data-secure cloud service archive.
  • With electronic financial administration you are one step closer to a paper-free office.

Easier decision-making with financial administration services

Our customers can rely on us to provide relevant information that helps the company owners to make business decisions and lead the operations. The company’s financial statement, complete with income statement and balance sheet, provides thus important information about the company’s profitability and financial status.

Accounting for small and micro companies is our core competency


A company lies in the category of micro company, when not more than one of the following thresholds is exceeded under the company’s last, or previous to last, accounting period:

  • balance sheet of €350,000 or less
  • turnover of €700,000 or less per year
  • maximum of 10 employees on average under accounting period.

A company lies in the category of small company, when not more than one of the following thresholds is exceeded under the company’s last, or previous to last, accounting period:

  • balance sheet of €6,000,000 or less
  • turnover of €12,000,000 or less per year
  • maximum of 50 employees on average under accounting period.

Financial administration in the Helsinki area and more widely in Finland

With digital financial administration, the geographic location of the accounting firm has lost its previous importance. Printed papers are no longer necessary when all material can be handled and transmitted digitally between the accounting firm and its clients.

Personal face-to-face meetings with clients have also become less frequent thanks to digital financial administration. It is nevertheless important for us to understand our clients’ business and to know the people we are dealing with. That is why we also visit our clients at their base of operations. We want to get to know our clients in order to be able to serve them at the best possible way.

Our offices are located in Tapiola, Espoo and in Pusula, Lohja (previously Nummi-Pusula).

Authorized by Association of Finnish Accounting Firms

Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila is an authorized member of Taloushallintoliitto, the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. In other words, our knowledge, our systems and our operational methods have been audited and approved of the association. The Association of Finnish Accounting Firms controls its members by requiring that each of them has professionals with a KLT-degree, the most demanding financial degree in Finland. This ensures that the firm possesses the necessary financial administration skills.

Our professional accountants with years of experience make sure that our customers’ accounting is done in time and according to applicable laws and regulations.

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