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Electronic financial administration

Accurate use of electronic financial administration helps your company cope with routine tasks. We accompany you through on your path through the economic jungle and help your business to success. We have several decades of experience under our belt.

Electronic financial administration: Easier workdays

Do you value stability, continuity and quality? So do we.

With electronic financial administration you can free your resources to actual work and focus on your core business activities – full time. You can for example forget feeding invoice information manually into systems. Overlapping operations are history!

We specialize in financial administration for small companies. Being in business since 1980, we understand your challenges. Get in contact with us and find out how we best can be of service for you and your company.

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Electronic financial administration: Accounting independently of place or time

Electronic financial administration is a system that can be used by both the customer and the accountant firm. The system is not dependent of a certain place or time. The only thing necessary for this cloud service to operate is a browser and access to the Internet.

In an optimal situation all accounting material is digitized and available in the electronic system. The customer and the accounting firm use a shared software that incorporates the company’s entire financial administration material.

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On-line accounting with Procountor

Majority of our customers use Procountor for their accounting. The system is complete with e.g. sales invoices, handling of purchases and the company’s ledger. The system includes even separate segments for bank statements, travel expense claims, accounting and follow-up of the company’s economics. Even VAT representations, taxes and employer reports can be collected and sent from the financial administration system to relevant authorities.

Our system enables report analysis in near to real-time basis

You can check reports where and when you wish to. The system makes following with your company’s data and economics easier. With up-to-date reports you find support for your real-time decisions and can allocate your actions correctly.

Procountor has e.g. the following services:

  • sales invoices, purchases
  • ledger
  • bank statements
  • travel expense claims
  • payroll management
  • accounting
  • reports and economical follow-ups.

End-user Training

We train our customers in how to use Procountor and provide technical support of the system whenever we’re able to do so. Should the situation call for deeper technical understanding of the software operations, we get your answers from the manufacturer. We develop even our own practices as we study the software with our clients. Our goal is to find operation methods that are as beneficial as possible for both parties.

Digital invoices with eTasku or Procountor Receipts

eTasku and Procountor Receipts are agile mobile applications that convert cash and credit card receipts easily into digital form. With the application, these receipts are automatically sent either direct to the electronic financial administration system or to the accountant.

A personal accountant

Each and every of our customers is assigned a personal accountant that takes care of the company’s accounting as a whole. This system of just one accountant who takes care of the company’s finances as a whole gives the accountant profound knowledge of the company and its practices. A personal accountant is also able to suggest advantageous solutions for the customer and predict the company’s future needs. In a long business relationship, practices are honed to support and develop the company’s operations.

Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila – we understand your business

We have a wide array of customers on varying sectors; construction and consulting companies represent just a few of these sectors. We also provide accounting services for a number of international corporations’ Finnish subsidiaries.

Our customer relationships tend to be very long-lasting. Our customers are happy with our service. Tilitoimisto Marjut Uotila uses electronic financial administration to help your company to success.

We provide service in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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We are happy to plan a complete service package that suits your individual needs!

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